Horas non numero nisi serenas

A ravaged sun dial

A ravaged sun dial

“Horas non numero nisi serenas” seems to have various translations from the Latin to English: “I don’t count the hours unless they’re tranquil”, “I count only the hours that are serene” and even a switch from tranquil/serene to sunny in “I do not count the hours unless they are sunny”. This poor sun dial has clearly had some years that were neither serene nor tranquil! You can make out the word “EVAN” scratched on the left; the sundial is at Evans Lookout in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.

An entry in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper from Sat 25 Jun 1932 reads: “A memorial in the shape of a large sundial and direction-plate on mountain granite, has been erected at Evans’ Lookout, Blackheath, to the memory of the late Mr. George Evans, of the old Sydney legal firm of Messrs. Holdsworth and Evans. He was a pioneer of the district, and discovered the lookout 50 years ago. The memorial has been erected by his daughter.”

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