Martin Place Christmas Tree and GPO clock

This is a close-up of part of the Christmas Tree in Martin Place, with the clock tower of the old GPO (General Post Office) behind. I took this photo just before 12pm yesterday (Christmas Eve), a glorious summer’s day here in Sydney.

Season’s Greetings to everyone!

December Squares #timesquare

18 thoughts on “Christmas+Time

  1. Such a great shot, and look at that sunshine! Having said that, I do hope it is not too hot for you this Christmas, and that the temperatures return to more seasonal levels soon.


    • Thanks Becky! I walk past that tree to work every morning, and have been intending to take a photo for this very purpose — but the last two weeks have been grey and stormy, which is not the look I wanted! Finally our weather has turned, and we’ve got a run of clear skies. 🙂 Though our temps have not been “unseasonal” at all, low to mid 20s, which is normal. I’m off to Perth for 6 nights on Boxing Day, and who knows what exotic timepieces I may find there? 😉


    • That hail was astonishing! My area did not get the worst of it, only sort of grape sized, and luckily for me I was inside a bus when it fell, but the noise as the hail hit the metal roof was astonishing. As for Perth, I’ve never been so I’m looking forward to it. 🙂 Didn’t your son and family live there for a time?

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      • Yes, they lived there for two years until this February when they moved back to Sydney – now in Brisbane! Hard to keep track of him 😀
        Fremantle is lovely, I have been there, and the King’s Park Botanical Garden is supposed to be fabulous. I would have loved to have visited them, but just didn’t get the chance.


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