Serving time

The “Hougoumont” was the last ship to bring convicts to Fremantle, Western Australia. Among its voyages was that in 1867 bringing 62 Irish political prisoners (Fenians). Hougomont is also the name of the hotel I’m staying at in Fremantle, and on a wall in the lobby it lists all 62 men, the court where they were tried and the crimes of which they were convicted, and how much time they would have to serve in this dry, barren, isolated outpost of England. Few would ever have returned home.

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7 thoughts on “Serving time

    • Very uncomfortable history in this country from a modern perspective. I went to Rottnest island today (quokka photos!!!) and the stories I heard of the incarceration of Aboriginal men for “crimes” would make you weep.


      • I don’t think your country is alone in the atrocities, and since most of them were from England originally I think my country has to answer for a lot more 😦


        • Australia isn’t really “my country”. I was born in Canada (which has its own sorry history regarding the indigenous peoples) , and have UK citizenship because my father was born in Manchester. I moved to London in my late 20s and later emigrated to Australia. So really I should feel (indirect) guilt on a number of levels!


          • We are not to blame for our country’s past, all we can do it acknowledge it, do something about the impact it still has and make sure it doesn’t do it again. And I suspect you are doing all of this xxx


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