Beyond the End of Time

Okay, so you know I said that my previous post was called the End of Time because I had no more time-themed photos? I came across this clock after I said that, and couldn’t resist sharing it. (I also found a floral clock in Perth’s botanic garden, but it’s so unspectacular it didn’t seem worth posting.)

This clock might not look too out of place on an English high street. On a shoppping street in Perth, Western Australia, it is wildly incongruous! On the hour, the jousters above the clock come to life and run at each other on tracks. The clock is part of the faux-Tudor facade of something called London Court, a shopping arcade built in 1937. “Tacky” is the only word I can think of to describe it. The motto beneath the clock (in the feature photo) reads “No minute gone comes ever came again, Take heed and see ye nothing do in vain.”

December Squares #timesquare

20 thoughts on “Beyond the End of Time

  1. How bizarre, but I love it! Not so sure about the quote though, sometimes it is good to spend time doing very little. Happy New Year, hope you have fun seeing in the new year xxx


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