The Pinnacles at sunset

The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia

The Pinnacles Desert is 190km (120miles) north of Perth in Western Australia. The pinnacles themselves are ancient limestone pillars. At sunset, some of the taller ones form jagged shapes on the horizon.

6 thoughts on “The Pinnacles at sunset

    • I can’t recommend the tour I did, we arrived only moments before the sun set. Definitely better to do independently. Even so, it was all much smaller than I’d gathered from photos — more stumps than pinnacles, and not a very large area.

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      • Oh, that’s disappointing. I hate it when tours turn out to be a failure. And I also thought it was a large area. Well now that I know that I won’t worry about missing out on it. We were disappointed by our visit to Wave Rock – we did go independently, but we drove a long way to get there and then thought “Um!”


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