Random Fridays: Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth in Sydney

Possibly not the Queen Elizabeth you were expecting? 😉

Apologies if you expected a photo of the UK monarch! This is the cruise ship Queen Elizabeth, seen in Sydney in April this year. A friend and I have booked a one-week cruise on this ship for March next year — bring on the bubbly!



7 thoughts on “Random Fridays: Queen Elizabeth

  1. I bet you’ll have a blast. I almost booked a cruise on that ship a few years ago, but the formality turned me off. I like to travel light and don’t want to pack so many different clothes.


    • Indeed, the formality either appeals or it doesn’t. I was on Queen Mary 2 a couple years and loved that, then was on one of Royal Caribbean’s floating white fun palaces a couple months ago and did NOT love that — so I think I know where I fall on the formality scale. 🙂 From what I’ve seen of your activities on your blog from time to time, I can imagine that QE might not be ‘you’. 😉

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  2. I’d prefer to see a picture of the ship rather than the monarch 🙂 I’ve never fancied a cruise though, just too much formality for me I’m afraid.


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