Man climbing the rigging with bagpipes

Climbing the rigging

Crew climbing the rigging on 'Tenacious', 2006

Crew climbing the rigging on ‘Tenacious’, 2006

Three photos on the theme of Climb. If you’re wondering what’s poking from the bag in the feature photo, it’s bagpipes; don’t ask.

Me climbing the rigging on 'Lord Nelson', 1994

A rare shot of me going aloft! (Safely in port, you’ll notice.) ‘Lord Nelson’, 1994

Crew climbing the rigging on 'Lord Nelson', 1995

Climbing the rigging is hard enough in normal conditions — in unwieldy oilskins and wellies, it’s a real challenge! ‘Lord Nelson’, 1995


2 thoughts on “Climbing the rigging

  1. Looks both scary as hell and totally exhilarating. Was it mostly upper body strength, lower body strength or a combination of both that got you up there? I have VERY strong legs but my arms are another story.


    • Legs on the going up part, but definitely arms for the top when you’re accessing the platform — you have to negotiate the backwards-learning “futtock shrouds” or, marginally easier, go through the “lubber’s hole”. Getting OFF the platform and onto the shrouds is also arms, plus fear because you hanging on while also groping blind with your foot for a hold.


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