Boat blues

Fishing boats, Kochi, India

Blue seems a popular colour to paint a boat. The feature photo (no caption) is a canal boat on the River Thames, between Cookham and Marlow. (Sorry Becky but I just couldn’t get a square out of that photo!)

Souvenir sellers on the Nile River, Egypt

Not the boats painted blue below, but the covers. I’ve never seen these boats in the water, by the way.

Boats at North Bondi, Sydney

The theme for July Squares is Blue

6 thoughts on “Boat blues

    • What that photo doesn’t capture is that they would ball stuff up and throw it up to us, regardless of a lack of encouragement to do so. One young lad just kept scooping stuff up and throwing it back, with little regard for where it landed!

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  1. I love the first image, something about the water.

    and hee hee you made me laugh with your narrow boat header. You’d have to stand a long way back to get a 70ft narrow boat in a square! Glad you sneaked it in the header 🙂


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