Gemstone blues

Opal earrings

I didn’t realise my opal earrings had so much green until I took this close-up. But my, what fiery blues do lurk in the depths!

There’s no danger of not seeing the blues in Lapis lazuli. An aunt gave me the pendant years ago, and I bought earrings to go with it.

Lapis lazuli pendant

Lapis lazuli earrings

The theme for July Squares is Blue

6 thoughts on “Gemstone blues

  1. this are all stunning . . . . and it is fascinating isn’t it how things dramatically change colour depending on the angle, the closeness and the light!


  2. The Lapis lazuli pendant is truly lovely, I like the setting as well as the colour. The OH bought me an opal engagement ring in a Victorian setting. I don’t really wear jewellery nowadays and my pierced ears have healed over.


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