Blue bubbly

Would you drink this?

I’m closing off my blue squares with some blue bubbly, topped with some blueberries.

And if you’re wondering whether I actually drank this … well, my fingers were stained blue, the dye (approved and ‘safe’ food dye from the supermarket) had a clingy texture that reminded me of balls of mercury, and you saw what it did in the glass of water. So, no. Though I did eat the blueberries. 🙂

The theme for July Squares is Blue. As ever, thanks are due to our tireless host Becky for organising these squares.

13 thoughts on “Blue bubbly

  1. Years ago we used to make blue champagne cocktails with curacao, thinking we were terribly sophisticated. I now know the blue colour is curacao is artificial — probably the same as the one you sensibly chose not to drink.


  2. Hope you drank some without the blue though!!! Cheers to a wonderful blue square July, it has been such fun and I am so happy you were able to join us. Just wasn’t the same without you at the start xxx


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