The Pathfinder

The Pathfinder by John Robinson

The Pathfinder by John Robinson (aka The Hammer Thrower)

This is absolutely one of my most favourite sculptures. You can find it Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne. By John Edward Robinson, it’s a sculpture in bronze and dates to 1974. As you can see in the image above, the entire sculpture is balanced on just one foot, which I think is extraordinary. An incredible display of the understanding of physics and gravity — plus, the sculpture is so alive and so vivid, you expect him to move, to complete that throw. More about the sculpture and the artist here.

The Pathfinder by John Robinson

The Pathfinder by John Robinson (aka The Hammer Thrower)

Posted as part of Sculpture Saturday. Check it out: “This challenge is all about photographing art whether it be in a museum or out on the street. Another interpretation is things be they natural or manmade that resemble sculpture when photographed.”

(And if you’ve wondered about my blogging silence, August has been a busy month for me, as I’ve moved house and had a wretched “lurgy”, so have been rather self-absorbed!)

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    • Not by choice, I assure you! The negligent agent did not bother to tell me that tenants can stay no more than three years (due to various and laws and bylaws governing retirement villages). It took me less time to find a new place than I expected, so I actually left 5 months early. Double Bay this time.

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