Tulip Time

Spring means tulips! Even if, in Australia, some effort is required to get them to perform.

The tulips are in a town called Bowral, southwest of Sydney. Every spring, Corbett Gardens bursts with colour — 75,000 tulips and 15,000 annuals, plus flowering trees. 2019 is the 59th continuous year of the festival and this year’s dates are 24 Sep – 7 Oct. It’s a very popular event, so if you go, be prepared to shuffle.

It’s a big thing (and quite the money maker for the town!). I noticed tulip motifs throughout the gardens.

I despaired of getting a photo of this pergola, as every time I looked at it, people were posing for photos or seemed to have moved in. And then, ta da!

Pergola with no people! It’s too early in the season for that cherry tree to be flowering, alas.

This flowering tree was in full bloom.

More tulips to finish off.

And the band played on.

8 thoughts on “Tulip Time

  1. What a wonderful day out. I guess it must be the time for the Floriade in Canberra too. Have you ever been to that? And you do get winter flowering cherries which is probably what that beauty is. Ah, I envy you spring, but I mustn’t wish my life away.


    • No to Floriade. I’ve been to Canberra only once, and it didn’t tempt me to return. If Australia has winter-flowering cherries, I can’t say I’ve noticed any — but perhaps Sydney is too temperate? And spring in Sydney is not exactly dramatic: a sort of gradual overall warming, leaves returning to the non-native trees such as London Plane trees, but the palm trees and the hibiscus and birds-of-paradise look great year-round. Oh, lots of camellias and azaleas now! 🙂

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