11 thoughts on “Lines of Latitude and Longitude

        • Those times were absolutely some of the best of my life. I got involved with the Jubilee Sailing Trust (Southampton based) in 1993/4, while I was living in London. If you’re not aware, the trust’s mission is to integrate physically disabled and able bodied people via the medium of sailing a tall ship — everyone does as much as they are capable of, no skill required. So a blind person can helm, for example. Wheelchair users are hoisted aloft to the platforms on the masts. Humbling, awakening experiences.

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          • I’ve heard of it thanks to Blue Peter years and years ago . . . but had totally forgotten about it. Just looked it up and see they are going to be in Southampton this coming weekend – both ships – as Lord Nelson is being decommissioned.


          • Yes, the JST has had some serious financial issues. They were only saved recently, for a brief respite, by an urgent 1 milllion GBP of donations, raised in something like one month. Sad, but the world does move on. I definitely was part of the ‘glory years’.

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          • oh that’s so sad . . . hope this weekend’s events help raise their profile again. Certainly dropped off my radar. I have scheduled some tweets from my heritage account so hopefully that will help.


          • I think there just isn’t the demand for two ships. And it’s certainly not cheap. I sailed mostly as a watchleader, which meant 50% off. Now I believe they’ve dropped the subsidy, so prices are even higher. They explain it all very convincingly, but, still, it’s hit in the wallet.


  1. Ooh, nice one! I have a latitude and longitude post too coming up, slightly different to yours though and definitely not from a sailing ship experience. I was reading your conversation with Becky about the JST – a worthwhile project.


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