No, Scott Morrison, my husband does NOT want to be fighting fires this summer!

I am re-blogging this sobering post from the wife of one of the Rural Fire Service volunteers who are fighting the bushfires sweeping across eastern Australia. I had no idea that the RFS was so poorly funded and equipped. I do wish there was some way to change that state, as I fear all Australians will need the selfless actions of these volunteers even more. My donation to the RFS will, I suspect, do very little in practical terms, but it’s the only help I can offer these people other than to spread the word.


Update: This post has now had more than 80,000 views. Thank you to everyone that’s sharing it. I wish I’d put this link up before I published. For anyone wanting to donate to the Rural Fire Service, please make a donation directly to your local brigade if you have one. If you don’t have one you can make a donation here:
I’m sorry if I don’t respond to all your messages. I’m sure you understand.


This photo was taken ten hours ago. The man in the middle of the photo in the red braces is my husband, Graham King. He’s fighting fires today as a volunteer. His shift won’t be over for a few more hours.


When I saw this photo, posted by our friend David Glover on our local community page, I briefly had the thought that if anything happens…

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14 thoughts on “No, Scott Morrison, my husband does NOT want to be fighting fires this summer!

  1. Wow! That’s a powerful post. I cannot imagine the stress those people must be going through. I saw on the news the other night how bad the air is in Sydney, but we don’t get to see what is happening in the west. It seems madness to be relying on volunteers to tackle these fires who are not even properly equipped. And then that stupid remark by yet another smug PM. Why isn’t he out there seeing what’s going on? Thanks for reblogging this Kaz. I hope the fires will be gone soon, but it’s not looking good.

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    • I was shocked when I read her post, as I had no idea what the firefighters were going through or that they were so sketchily equipped. I only recently learned they were volunteers, too. Not being directly affected (other than by the smoke sometimes) I confess I was quite ignorant. I admire all of them and their families.

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        • It seems they are proud to be volunteers and support their communities, but some sort of financial support would surely be appropriate. I read an article saying that many must choose between their job and their firefighting, so that much of the firefighting is falling to retired members. Hardly ideal.


          • Not ideal at all. Given the increase in the number of fires over recent years it does not make sense not to fund firefighters. Relying on volunteers is disgusting, like how so much here relies on charities to fulfil the needs of people when it should be provided by the government.


      • Amanda Conroy says:

        Thanks for sharing this blog post. I knew a little of the financial cuts and issues, but this blog gave a whole new insight into the bushfire fighting situation. 70 year olds are out there. Goodness.


  2. Thank you for reblogging this. I’m in tears reading it, and the comments. My little community has a volunteer fire brigade and I’ve seen the terrible toll that even small fires and road accidents take on the men and women trying to save lives and property in their own community. I can’t imagine what it must be like to face fires on this scale.


  3. It must be such a depressing state fighting fires all the time.. especially when we know some are deliberately man made. I was once on the side road in South Africa during dry season and someone threw a cigarette out the car.. The grass lit up in a second.. It was a small patch thank goodness.. By then the car was gone and totally unaware..


  4. Isn’t this a serious indictment of politicians? I read it first at Meg’s, almost with disbelief, and then mounting disgust. What kind of leaders have we chosen? I am so sorry for these people Karen. Their life is pure hell!


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