Floral Friday – Azalea with water drops

When I attended a gardens festival in the Blue Mountains in October (spring), it rained very heavily on the Saturday I went up. On the Sunday, when I visited the gardens, the weather was bright but chilly — perfect for photos of flowers still bedecked with water drops!

(Also posted as part of Jez Braithwaite’s Water Water Everywhere challenge)

13 thoughts on “Floral Friday – Azalea with water drops

  1. You have captured the water drops brilliantly, I always find this kind of shot hard to get. I loved the Blue Mountains when we visited, so sad to hear about all the bush fires and how it has affected the area.


    • Thanks Gilda! Getting this shot was much easier due to the heavy rains and cold temps that ensured the drops didn’t evaporate. It is indeed awful about the Blue Mtns. In fact I’m going up tomorrow for two nights — it will be odd, as the national park is closed so no walking. I would not go, but I’ve already paid for the accommodation. No chance of water drop photos this time!


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