Fremantle, WA, Australia – guiding-light with sun halo behind

I discovered that I have a number of photos of “guiding-lights”, so decided to put them into one post. Guiding-lights are, of course, more commonly known as lighthouses — but having been reminded that the theme is ‘words ending in light’, I’ve had to get creative with some post titles and dip into the thesaurus for synonyms. 😉

Macquarie Lighthouse, Sydney

Galle fort, Sri Lanka

Hornby lighthouse, Sydney

Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

Beachy Head, England

Posted as part of January Squares, the theme for which is words ending in ‘light’.

17 thoughts on “Guiding-lights

  1. oh so very clever -guiding-lights! Would never of thought of that for these, and such a perfect description too. Loving your photos they are so lovely 😀


    • Wait until you see “beerlights” for creativity.
      Not sure what Becky will think of that one! 😉 I got the Hornby shot from a cruise ship, which gave me a very different angle than from the land or a ferry.


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