Kangaroo pouches and koala mittens

I read an article today about a group of people with sewing, knitting and crochet skills (the Animal Rescue Craft Guild) who are feverishly churning out pouches, mittens, nests and wraps for animals affected by the bushfires here in Australia. Although the fires are in Australia, the response to the animals’ needs is global.

“I’m in!” I thought. Even my rudimentary sewing machine skills could handle a pouch, surely.

However … this very worthy group only seems to have a facebook presence, and I do not. There’s no way to access the necessary patterns and instructions if you’re not on facebook. I can see the main page but not get into the other pages.

Screengrab from the group’s facebook page.

So I thought I would post about it here, in case anyone reading has the necessary skills, the interest, and the all-important facebook account. You can find the group here: Do let me know if you make something!

BTW, the header image is of a wallaby and her joey, photographed in the Northern Territory a few years ago. Just imagine the mother being killed in a fire but the joey being rescued — s/he needs a pouch!

8 thoughts on “Kangaroo pouches and koala mittens

  1. Grrr…. it really annoys me when organisations / companies rely on their FB presence only. What happened to proper websites? I don’t use FB, twitter, Instagram or any other social media so often find I cannot enter competitions or find out information. Anyway that aside I am sure this is a worthy cause, the destruction those fires have done to the native wildlife must be uncountable. Goodness knows how many insects, snakes etc have been lost, many forever.


    • Totally agree about this reliance on fb! I guess they see it as a free way to have an online presence. As for wildlife losses, I read that an estimated 1 billion (!!) animals of all sorts have been killed in the fires — though the article didn’t say how they arrived at that figure. I suppose they have an idea of how many spiders, snakes etc inhabit an average hectare, and multiply.


  2. I do have a FB account which I almost never use or engage with, so I tried to find the instructions for you. But without joining one of the groups that have been set up, I can’t access them. So, as Jude says …. Grrr.


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