Those streaks in the photo are rain. At last! (This view is from my balcony, looking at what I call ‘the jungle’.)

Okay, I freely admit that ‘rainlight’ is not a word. But it’s raining, and I’m too happy about that to worry too much about madeup words!! And you know, there is a special quality to the light when it rains. 🙂

Here in parched Sydney, we are finally getting some rain. Since last Thursday we’ve had some good falls of rain, which have not only made a visible difference to grass and trees and gardens in the city (not to mention cleaning the ash buildup from surfaces), but have eased conditions in some nearby bushfires. I don’t know if any rain fell in the dam that supplies Sydney’s water (the last figure I saw was 43% capacity — eek!), but let’s hope so.

Posted as part of January Squares, the theme for which is words ending in light.

15 thoughts on “Rainlight

  1. I love your rainlight! Just think I could have posted about 18 days using this word this month! Oh, so good to see the rain in Australia, though those hailstones in Victoria were a tad scary! And what I love about summer rain when it has been dry for a time is the lovely smell – Petrichor – it’s just such a distinct smell. And now I am seeing a lovely sunset through my window so I need to go grab a camera and get a shot.


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