Floral Friday – Epiphyllum (?)

I saw a group of these plants in November as part of an event called Sydney Open, one weekend when people can go into buildings that are usually off-limits to the public. (I think Open House London is similar.) The plants were in tubs on the roof of a bank. The leaf sort of reminds me of ‘Christmas Cactus’ (Schlumbergera, Xygocactus) but on steroids — those leaves were half a metre long. And the flowers don’t look like any Christmas Cactus I’ve ever seen.

Pretty, though! And some online searching reveals they might be “Epiphyllum”.

12 thoughts on “Floral Friday – Epiphyllum (?)

    • Weather is still wild, meant to be so for a couple more days. The level behind the dam where 85% of our drinking water comes from is forecast to rise 5% this weekend — that’s a LOT of rain! The level is only 42% now, so we certainly need it.

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  1. I have a similar one (especially in the centre) which I always called an Orchid Cactus. I looked that up and ‘Epiphyllum’ came up. My friend had one that was night-blooming and incredibly fragrant (but when I looked it up it came back with ‘Cereus’). If you look up ‘dragonfruit cactus flower’ they too have a similar appearance but the leaves are much thicker (‘Hylocereus’).


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