Rough | Smooth

Smooth hard hat and rough rock — Coober Pedy opal mine visited from The Ghan train.

Here’s a selection of photos that contrast rough and smooth textures for Jude’s 2020 Challenge.

Samples of rock, rough on the right and polished smooth on the left — Grand Canyon.

Smooth violin (fiddle) and rough seat fabric — Grand Canyon train.

Smooth glass beads and rough sequins — New Orleans Lafeyette Cemetery.

Rough mooring lines and smooth metal winch — tall ship Tenacious.

8 thoughts on “Rough | Smooth

  1. I thought |I’d already commented on this, but I must have looked at it on my phone and decided to wait until I was on my computer. Lots of great rough and smooth images here, you really do have an eye for quirky photos! Hope all is well in Sydney – are you guys in the grip of this pandemic too? Shops closed? Having to work from home? Social distancing? Never thought I’d see anything like it other than in disaster movies and novels.


    • “you really do have an eye for quirky photos” — hey thanks! I think we all need some quirkiness about now. Shops here aren’t closed (nor pubs — gasp!!) but the ‘no gatherings over 50 pp’ is killing the arts industry. My company is, I think, moving to get most people (1600!) working from home. It’s day 4 for me and it’s immensely frustrating due to connectivity issues. Plus it’s chewing up my data allowance. 😦


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