Floral Friday – Freckle-face fern flowers

How’s that title for alliteration? 🙂

Some months ago, I bought a small pot with a mix of little ferns. They’re not so little any more and I’ve had to repot them! I was very surprised to notice that the freckle-face ferns are sporting tiny flowers — purple, as in these photos, but also white on other plants. I had no idea that ferns had flowers!


Travel Memories 1: Goa

Park Hyatt Hotel, Goa. The view from my balcony.

This photo was taken in 2013. From 3 March to 14 April, I had sailed on the tall ship Lord Nelson from Durban in South Africa to Kochi (Cochin) in India. Definitely the longest time at sea I’d ever spent! We did stop along the way — Mauritius, Sri Lanka — but still, it was many weeks on a boat with 40-odd other people in weather ranging from the high winds and chill of 35deg South to the hot humidity of the Equator. After we’d reached India and gone our separate ways, I headed to the Park Hyatt in Goa for a few days of spoiled luxury, a big bed, clean sheets and unlimited showers. And (of course) bubbly!

This is the first post of a new theme for me, called Travel Memories. I plan to post a single photo from a trip: one that always makes me smile, or reflect, or want to go back.


An evening at the symphony (and the theatre!)

Front row seat. My computer is linked to my TV with an HDMI cable; the computer has a much better screen, but it’s not as large. I also run the computer’s audio through the hi-fi, which has better quality sound.

You may have read how arts venues around the world have shut their doors in line with attempts to contain covid19, and that many venues are making productions free to view online.

The Sydney Opera House has a program called “From our house to yours” in which you can watch performances at 6pm (Sydney time). I don’t think they’re available on-demand, but since most of us are at home anyway these days that’s less of an issue. Last evening I watched Beethoven’s 9th Symphony by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra (plus choir and soloists), recorded in the Concert Hall in October 2018.

Da dum dum! Lots of big drums in the 9th.

Soloists and choir in the ‘Ode to Joy’.

Standing ovation.

Then, as they say, it was time for something completely different! From Sydney to London (well, virtually). Over to the YouTube channel of the National Theatre, where you can watch various plays — one each week or so. (If you’re interested, check out the details here.) I watched One Man, Two Guvnors with James Corden, filmed live on-stage in 2011. It was a marvellous way to forget the world’s troubles for a couple of hours.

Silliness afoot.

Lots of audience interaction.

Re-united lovers at Brighton Pier.

Another standing ovation.

My hat (if I wore one) would be off to all these venues and companies that are keeping the arts alive, and accessible, in these troubled times.


You’re the Top!

You’re the Colosseum

You know where I’m going here, don’t you? 😉

You’re the top!
You’re the Colosseum.
You’re the top!
You’re the Louvre Museum.

– Cole Porter, “You’re the top” [extract]

You’re the Louvre Museum

Becky is back with her squares, and for April the theme is “top“. My first post is a “word combination” (though I may be pushing the interpretation here): “You’re the TOP”.