Tomato Diary 5

The good news: Flowers are opening!

The experiment: to grow tomatoes on my balcony during a Sydney winter using seeds scraped from a store-bought tomato.

There’s good news and there’s bad news for this update. The plants are 25-38cm (10-15 inches) high and, as you can see above, the flowers are starting to open. However, as you can see below, not all is well with the plants.

The top of the plants look great, the bottoms look unhappy.

A closer view of those yellowing leaves at the base.

Not as bad with these two, but you can see it.

Something I read online suggests the plants aren’t getting enough nutrients from the soil. My parents (successful tomato growers) suggest the pots are too small — each plant should have its own 5-gallon (18L) pot. I have neither the room nor the soil for such huge containers, plus that would mean putting them on the balcony floor where they’d get much less direct sunlight. The tomato experiment may well hit the wall here!

Tune in later for Tomato Diary 6.

13 thoughts on “Tomato Diary 5

  1. I have grown them in 5 litre pots which aren’t that big. Now you have flower trusses you need to feed them weekly with a high potash feed or tomato feed. Leaves do tend to go yellow, just pull them off. Also pinch off any shoots coming off the main stem. Just make sure they’re not flowers!


  2. Well done! It is amazing what can be grown in smaller places. I too have a balcony, not growing tomatoes just herbs, a lemon tree and an olive tree at the moment. Here’s too the tomatoes progressing plenty of fruit for you.


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