Skyline – 25 years apart

Above 1993; Below 2018

These two photos were both taken from the Hungerford footbridge across the River Thames, 25 years apart. As you can see, the London skyline changed quite a bit during those years! The perspective in the two photos is not identical, but it’s close enough to compare.

On a separate note, I am absolutely furious that WordPress is now forcing me to use this unwanted Gutenberg editor. The only way to get Classic back is – of course – to go for a paid plan so that I’m allowed to install the plugin that will kill this thing.
Update: aha! If I copy an old post created with Classic, I can also edit that copy using Classic. Sorted. 🙂 (At least until WP takes away that option, too.)

12 thoughts on “Skyline – 25 years apart

  1. Yes, there are a few of us throwing hissy fits, Karen, but we don’t have a say, unfortunately. So long as I can still get the look I like it’s not so bad, but a darn inconvenience. I’m a slow learner 😦 Has Sydney changed as much, do you think?


  2. Haha.. I have had to use the copy, save then edit in classic method too as I copy a lot of posts! I’ll try and paste a link to an image that shows you how you can access the classic editor via WPADMIN to create a new post.

    TBH the block editor is not that difficult for simple posts, but its so much more clunky and very unnecessary.

    As for the skyline – who knows what will exist by 2043 but I probably won’t be around to see it.


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