Giddy-up! It’s a hold-up!

Giddy-up horse, we got us a train to rob!

When I took the train to the Grand Canyon, a group of ruthless masked bandits armed with pistols staged a hold-up.

It’s a hold-up!

Squares are back, and the theme is Up. I’ve gone with “playing around with the word up” — and I’ve managed to get four in my first post: giddy-up, hold-up, quadruped, stirrup. I don’t think I’ll reach such giddy heights of up-ness again!

16 thoughts on “Giddy-up! It’s a hold-up!

    • None of my other planned posts are this clever, I confess. I thought I’d start on a high note and trickle down. Healthy 2021 for sure! So don’t want to catch this thing. Vaccinations won’t even start here until March and I’m nowhere near the top of the list.

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      • Yikes March is a long way off to start but glad to know you’re staying safe in meantime. I also know we are going to be uplifted by your fabulous squares, even if there are no more stirrups!

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