The Old Swan Uppers

A welcome stop on the Thames Path.

This pub is located in Cookham on the River Thames, not far from London. It makes a good place to relax and recharge if you’re walking a section of the Thames Path. It was particularly welcome on the day we stopped, as the weather turned from threatening to rain to bucketing down with rain! (Curious about what a ‘swan upper’ is? Read more here.)

Posted for Becky’s SquareUp challenge. I’ve gone with “playing around with the word up”.

21 thoughts on “The Old Swan Uppers

  1. Nice image, and a nice looking pub. Pre-COVID I’d visit the UK on business. Hopefully travel will be easier soon, and grab a pint there.


  2. That is a very inviting picture! You’ve got me wanting a pint now.

    I guess you know the artist Stanley Spencer was from Cookham? He painted it often over a period of many years, including a well-known painting of swan upping that he completed in 1919.


  3. That is exactly what a pub should look like in the eyes of us Americans! It really is lovely and being inside on a rainy day sounds wonderful. A good image for winter.


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