Birds beginning with “C”

My first thought for the theme of “Birds beginning with C” was cormorants. The photo below deserves to be pulled out of the gallery above, in part because it may need an explanation! In China, cormorants have been used for centuries to catch fish for humans. This photo gallery from The Guardian has some stunning photos of the men and the birds in action. In my photo, I suspect the man was parading these cormorants through a busy tourist area in search of people willing to pay for a photo.

Cormorants being carried – Yangshuo, China

I discovered I have photos of other C birds too, lurking in the archives.

Black cockatoo – Alice Springs, Australia

Canada Geese — Stratford, Canada

Pied currawong – Sydney, Australia

Condors – Colca Canyon, Peru

Birds beginning with “C” is the Bird Weekly theme.



I can’t believe I took a photo of ibuprofen tablets to get another ‘up’ shot.

You may have to resort to a couple of these if the search for UP photos has given you a headache. 😉

Posted for Becky’s SquareUp challenge. I’ve gone with “playing around with the word up”.


Pelicans and petrels

One wingtip drags in the water

I photographed these petrels in the Indian Ocean while sailing from South Africa to India on Lord Nelson in 2013. After leaving Durban, we swung south (way, way south) and east, giving a wide berth to Madagascar and any lurking pirates, before eventually heading northeast, back on track. The weather at 35deg South was not what we expected from the Indian Ocean — grey, chilly, spitting with rain. The bonus was the company of petrels and even albatrosses, following the ship. They never seemed to flap those long wings: a feather lifted here, a wing tilted there. Such effortless flyers. I watched them for hours (frankly, there was little else to do!).

Banking to turn

The pelicans were photographed in Cairns, not quite as exotic a destination as the southern Indian Ocean.

Birds with Long Wingspans is the Bird Weekly theme.


Giddy-up! It’s a hold-up!

Giddy-up horse, we got us a train to rob!

When I took the train to the Grand Canyon, a group of ruthless masked bandits armed with pistols staged a hold-up.

It’s a hold-up!

Squares are back, and the theme is Up. I’ve gone with “playing around with the word up” — and I’ve managed to get four in my first post: giddy-up, hold-up, quadruped, stirrup. I don’t think I’ll reach such giddy heights of up-ness again!