Sextets of pelicans

Six pelicans

It may be hard (impossible?) to tell, but the six Australian Pelicans above are not the same six as in the feature photo. I photographed these birds on 3 April at The Entrance, which is on the Central Coast north of Sydney.

One Word Sunday: Six

And, this fits very neatly into “Birds seen in the past two weeks

15 thoughts on “Sextets of pelicans

  1. My first sighting of pelicans was on the waterway where I lived in Cape Town. I looked out of the window and saw these two massive birds floating past my house. I was totally gobsmacked, they were so BIG!

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  2. Love these photos! Glad to see you back Karen! Pelicans are my favorite bird and you have captured them beautifully. How odd you saw a grouping of 6 twice. So fun! LOL! 🙂


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