Washing Lines 1: at sea

Hanging up the washing, Indian Ocean, somewhere between Durban and Mauritius.

On a long sailing voyage (this one was about five weeks long, from South Africa to India), clothes washing day for your group is keenly anticipated. You can hand-wash socks and, ahem, unmentionables, and drape them around the accommodation area to dry (such as my socks, in the feature photo) — but that can’t match clothes run through the washing machine and hung outside to dry in the sun and the clean fresh sea air.

Monday Washing Lines I’ve been seeing other bloggers’ posts for this challenge, but I thought I didn’t have any photos of drying laundry. Wrong!


10 thoughts on “Washing Lines 1: at sea

  1. Thanks for sharing your voyage 🙂 in 1976 we would drag our greasy dirty dungarees in a laundry bag behind the air craft carrier for a ½ day ❗️ they never came back ‘Jiffy Cleaners’ fresh so I purchased new ones from the ships store. Skivvies always came back fresh from the ships laundry ⚓️ 🇺🇸

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