Last on the Card April 2021

Both photos were taken at sunset on 30 April in Ettalong, NSW. Thousands of rainbow lorikeets wheeled and swirled and chased each other in huge flocks above the town as the sun set. If you’ve never heard even one rainbow lorikeet at full voice, you’ll struggle to imagine just how ear-splitting and deafening the birds’ noise was!

Canon Powershot SX260: I use this camera when I can’t be bothered with the weight and bulk of my ‘real’ camera.

Huawei MYA-L02: my phone takes rubbish photos and I generally only use the camera for taking a photo to send to someone at the moment — but I like how here it caught a recognisable parrot shape.

I haven’t entered Bushboy’s Last on the Card challenge before, partly because I generally wipe the card — and partly because I never post unedited photos! But I like the symmetry of these two.

Also linking to Bird Weekly – Birds in Flight

22 thoughts on “Last on the Card April 2021

  1. So glad you had the bravery to show us the unedited images Kaz. I did wonder where the Lorikeets had gone. I love the second photo showing one just whizzing by. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

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  2. The noise is wonderful! I’ve never seen them in the wild but going to the zoo to feed them in a small area is quite deafening and one that I enjoy! You could have tagged this for Bird Weekly this week too. We are doing Birds in Flight. You can add it if you want to join in this week. 🙂

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  3. Wonderful captures!
    If you really like to captures birds in flight, you can use the burst mode feature in your phone. Just press the shutter button for more than a second and it will take multiple frames of a scene.


    • Thanks for the tip, Hammad, but my phone is rubbish for photos! It’s old, and the camera was not the reason for buying it. I only take photos with it when I want to share them with someone immediately (or my real camera is not to hand). It was pure luck that it caught a recognisable flying bird shape!

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