Places to walk or hike

A clifftop path beside the sea, Cornwall. Don’t get too close to that unfenced edge …

Walking is the only form of exercise I actually enjoy. And there are so many places to walk! From mountains to beaches, urban to outback, there’s a walk for everyone.

Old cemeteries can be fascinating places to walk. This is Kensal Green Cemetery, London.

A patch of bush in North Sydney.

A mountain meadow near Wengen, Switzerland.

Nothing like getting your feet wet in the surf! (Not to mention your shorts, if you’re not paying attention. I speak from experience.) Umina Beach, Australia.

Trekking in Bolivia. Granted, not something you’d do on a normal weekend!

Don’t forget your local park! Hyde Park is near my employer’s office, and on the days when I’m forced to go in (hiss boo!), I often walk here.

Hyde Park, Sydney.

CBWC: Places to walk or hike

23 thoughts on “Places to walk or hike

  1. It’s the only form of exercise I like too – but I also like to have a destination, or something to see on the way. The longer our restrictions go on, the more walking becomes just another chore. Having said that,I’m just sbout to go out in search of a new statue! Small pleasures.

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  2. The only form of exercise I like. And I also need something to interest me which is why walks locally have become rather boring. I have probably photographed anything interesting a zillion times. Beach walks are nice and I always like a garden to potter around. Your botanic garden is a fabulous space. And free!

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    • I had a lovely walk around the botanic garden on Saturday, as it happens. With the sun so low in the sky at this time of year, I got some nice shots of plants/flowers backlit by a stray ray of light though the trees. They glowed in their own little spotlight!


  3. I agree, there is something about walking that is good for the body, mind and spirit. And I also agree that our same old locations can get stale after all these lockdowns. I love your photos–very interesting and inspiring!


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