Birds using selective colour

Black swan

The theme for Bird Weekly Photo Challenge is selective color with most of the photo being monochrome, black and white or sepia tone.

I had fun with this one! (Well, apart from first Photoshop and then my computer crashing; I’m having graphic card compatibility issues, very annoying.)

King penguin


13 thoughts on “Birds using selective colour

  1. Amanda Conroy says:

    A great way to highlight the attractive colours of the birds feathers. I never noted the blue tones on Kookaburras, I’ll have to look out for it.
    Where were the photos taken?


  2. So sorry for the late response. I got hacked last Friday on my desktop and laptop and have struggled to catch up and get everything going again. I’m loving your photos this week! Wow! Beautifully done! 🙂


      • Yes it is. On top of that, my Etsy shop went crazy last week. A video went viral on Tik Tok and blasted me with orders. It wasn’t my video but they found me. I had my biggest day ever and May was my second largest month next to December since I opened it last July. December is always the biggest month because of holiday shoppers. 🙂 I’m hoping I don’t have to give up the blog for a while, but business has to come first. No ready to stop yet, but I have slowed down.


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