Australian White Ensign

Navy helicopter towing an enormous white ensign

The Australian Navy White Ensign was introduced in 1967, replacing the previous practice of flying the Royal Navy’s White Ensign on Australian Navy vessels.

White ensign and tall ship Lord Nelson

On 4 October 1913, the first Royal Australian Navy fleet entered Sydney Harbour. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of that event, an International Fleet Review was held in Sydney Harbour in October 2013. Ships came from around the world — not only military vessels, but other types. One of those ships was the tall ship Lord Nelson, owned by the Jubilee Sailing Trust and home-ported in Southampton, England. (And now, sadly, retired, leaving the JST with only Tenacious.) I’d been involved with the JST and ‘Nellie’ since 1993, so was thrilled to be aboard once again, although the mixing of my old UK life and my new Aussie life was odd!

White ensign and tall ship Lord Nelson

Life in Colour (White)


The sky and the water

A cloud-filled reflected in a large, still bay.

This is another photo from my walk along the shore of a bay of the Parramatta River in Sydney, where I photographed my trio of pelicans, gulls and stilts. The day was mostly overcast, but it made for some dramatic photos.

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Chillin’ at the beach

Australian Pelican; Black-winged Stilt*; Silver Gull

I’m a bit late for Lisa’s Bird Weekly with the theme of “Two or more bird species in one photograph“, but in my defence I only took this photo yesterday! I’m hoping I can sneak in. 😉

You may notice that the birds are predominantly white.

And you may be thinking, “Hold on, the feature photo has only two species!” Ah, but the pelican is the large, wavering reflection between the other two.

*I’ve gone for “Black-winged Stilt” because their faces are white; however, if someone with more bird-identification authority than I have thinks they are “Black-necked Stilts”, I’m easily persuaded. They are wonderfully elegant and ‘stilty’, regardless!


Washing Lines 7: Valletta, Malta

I was trawling through photos from various European cities, hoping to spot a washing line — when I saw the cluster at bottom left, above, I was thrilled. Closer examination revealed more than just one! I suspect the street is littered with dropped clothes pegs and lost socks.

There are at least four of those ‘bar’-type driers on the left side of the street.

Whereas on the right side, it seems to be “hang the sheets out the window” day.

This may be my last Monday Washing Lines post, unless I find more photos lurking in unexplored folders.



Crescent Moon and Venus over Sydney

5:31 pm, 6 June; photo from my kitchen

We had another stunning winter sunset in Sydney today, the near-cloudless sky darkening from clearest blue to a band of glowing orange along the western horizon, below a darkening blue above. Today had the added bonus of not only the planet Venus, but also a crescent moon.

5:52 pm, 6 June; photo from my lounge room

And if you’re wondering — those small black smudges in the photos are not marks on my lens, or flies. They’re flying foxes (out of focus!) which at sunset stream east in their thousands. I often wonder where they’re going, because east very soon becomes vast ocean!