Chillin’ at the beach

Australian Pelican; Black-winged Stilt*; Silver Gull

I’m a bit late for Lisa’s Bird Weekly with the theme of “Two or more bird species in one photograph“, but in my defence I only took this photo yesterday! I’m hoping I can sneak in. 😉

You may notice that the birds are predominantly white.

And you may be thinking, “Hold on, the feature photo has only two species!” Ah, but the pelican is the large, wavering reflection between the other two.

*I’ve gone for “Black-winged Stilt” because their faces are white; however, if someone with more bird-identification authority than I have thinks they are “Black-necked Stilts”, I’m easily persuaded. They are wonderfully elegant and ‘stilty’, regardless!

21 thoughts on “Chillin’ at the beach

  1. These are fantastic. Your stilts, pelican and gulls look similar to ours. I’m glad you snuck this in. I will add it to the round up from last week. If you participate in Bird Weekly this week, Sarah from Travel with Me is doing it. You can find her link on the Bird Weekly page of my blog. I”m having foot surgery on Thursday. I’ve had a lot of prep this week to get ready for it and she graciously took the reigns. 🙂


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