Panic buying in Sydney? Who, us?

My local supermarket about 1pm today.

Day 1 of a two-week Greater Sydney lockdown. We’re not off to a good start.

NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian, speaking today

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21 thoughts on “Panic buying in Sydney? Who, us?

  1. It was toilet roll in New York as well at the beginning – and, for some reason, pasta!
    I’m told there was a real problem with toilet roll at the start of the pandemic because producers were geared up to supply the utilitarian type in bulk on pallets for workplaces etc., and suddenly everyone needed it at home.


    • I didn’t need pasta so don’t know if there was panic buying there too — but there was for our previous lockdown! I remember seeing only a few lonely packets of organic pasta on the top shelf.


  2. So sorry to read you’re on lockdown (again?). I read the same thing as Mike mentioned, that suppliers couldn’t change instantly to more home-sized rolls because so much is geared toward businesses. But if people hadn’t hoarded, there wouldn’t have been much problem. We had the same thing here in the States.


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    • Yes, this is Sydney’s second lockdown, apart from a short one around Christmas that affected only a small area. This one is much wider, because that Delta variant is so contagious (and our vaccine rollout has been pathetic). I hadn’t heard about the toilet roll manufacturing issues until Mike mentioned it. Interesting! Too true, though — if a certain subset of the population didn’t hoard the stuff, there’d be plenty for all.

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  3. Toilet rolls, pasta and flour (and dried yeast) were all in short supply here. And you are only in lockdown for two weeks! We are now having issues with fruit and veg and a shortage of haulage drivers. Best get sowing the lettuce again.


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