Tree Squares: Cannonballs

I wouldn’t want one of these to fall on me!

This crazy-looking tree is a Couroupita guianensis — ‘Cannonball tree’ to most people. I’ve only ever seen one in my life, at the botanic garden in Darwin.

July Squares are all about Trees

14 thoughts on “Tree Squares: Cannonballs

    • Thanks Jude! I went to the botanic gardens for a stroll, and to take some tree photos — but rather stupidly I didn’t check my camera, and the battery was dead. I took a few phone photos but that camera is terrible. I did indeed have a decent bubbly, courtesy of a friend in London who sent me a bottle Veuve Cliquot. 🙂

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  1. I’ve seen them in a few places, mostly botanical gardens, one in Honduras and the rest in Asia. It’s such an interesting looking tree and the flowers are bizarre as well. Great shots, especially of the texture of the balls – I’ve never managed to get quite close enough.


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