Tree Squares: The Apple Tree

1996, and there’s a fair number of red fruit in the tree. That’s my mother’s sister doing the raking.

This is the saga of the apple tree in my parents’ back yard. They didn’t plant the tree; it came with the house when they bought it from my grandparents in the 90s, and may even have been planted by the people who owned the house before my grandparents. In 1996, above, the tree looked like your average apple tree.

Jump to 2004, and the tree had morphed into the “pom pom tree” and was used for suspending hammocks and hammock chairs. I think it was pruned like this so the tree wouldn’t waste its efforts on scraggly thin side branches. It was quite the conversation piece for passers-by!

2007, and here are my parents harvesting apples from the pom pom tree. I think by then the branches had become too unsafe to support a hanging chair.

2014, and all that’s left is the stump.

June 2021: not even the stump remains. But the ring of curved stone edging still marks out the tree’s location. (Photo courtesy of my mother)

July Squares are all about Trees

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