Tree Squares: Around the Power Lines

This is a determined tree!

I snapped this tree with my phone today, while out walking (exercise being one of the four permitted reasons to leave your home in Sydney these days). In the 15 years I’ve lived in this area of Sydney, I’ve never walked down this street before, so was taken aback when I spotted this. I’m amazed that the electricity company goes to the bother of trimming the inside branches of this tree so they don’t touch the lines, rather than simply cutting it back. And I admire this tree’s determination to grow up and around!

July Squares are all about Trees

15 thoughts on “Tree Squares: Around the Power Lines

  1. oh this is just brilliant – maybe it began as a joke letting it stay and then they just couldn’t stop. What a find, and a wonderful way to finish (again!).


  2. That is a great picture. The power company where we lived in CA did that all along the freeway and even along our rural street. I think it’s just common practice in our area.


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