About the Photos

All the photographs you’ll see on this blog were taken by me unless specified otherwise. I have a high regard for intellectual property, and would never use someone else’s work without credit.

The photographs are low resolution (72ppi) and no wider than 600px.

If you like a photograph and want to use it on your website or blog, or Pin it to your Pinterest page, please do so! All I ask is that you credit me.

Thanks for your interest!

2 thoughts on “About the Photos

  1. I noticed that you don’t add a watermark to your wonderful pictures. Are you of the belief that (1) too people are honest (2) the watermark can be removed (3) don’t want to destroy the beauty with watermarks. Just curious.


    • Elizabeth Krall says:

      Good questions! To answer them: 1) no, people are not honest! I admit to having used a few online images myself over the years, but I’ve never passed them off as my own. 2) a watermark can definitely be removed, with some patience and some careful work in Photoshop, unless it’s a watermark so large that it ruins the image itself. 3) my photos are deliberately small. They’re only 550px wide at the most, and 72ppi or 180ppi in resolution. Someone could certainly use one of those on a website, but not for commercial print purposes. And I’m happy to have them used elsewhere, preferably with a credit to me.

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