Square Sky 17: Bondi sunrise

A new day dawns.

I’ve lived at Bondi Beach for 6 years in total, and this is the first sunrise I’ve seen there. I do sometimes wake up long before the sky begins to lighten and am unable to go back to sleep (I hate that!), and I often think I should get up and go down to the beach and watch the sunrise, but I never do. Today, though, I couldn’t help thinking it would make a good entry for Becky’s Square Sky challenge. It was actually quite lovely on the beach at 5am — only a handful of people (including this young man doing his “greet the morning” routine) and colour seeping into the sky. When I left at 6am, the sun was well up and there were hundreds of people, exercising and running and swimming and surfing.

But to be honest, I would have preferred to still be asleep.

Photo taken at 5:18am, 19 December, Bondi.

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The Indivisible Curves

Sculpture by the Sea is on again in Sydney. Apparently, it’s the world’s largest free sculpture exhibition, and it runs along the coast from Bondi Beach (where I live) to Tamarama Beach. Two friends and I braved the inevitable hordes of people today to check out this year’s offerings. It was a beautiful early summer day, with a cloudless sky and a temperature around 26C (79F), and ocean breezes to take the edge off the sun.

Remembering that this week’s theme is curves or rounded, I was on the lookout for a sculpture with no straight lines.

Finally, towards the end of our walk, we came across this one. A sensous swirl of curves twining around itself, with no beginning and no end.

And if you’re wondering why I titled this post “The Indivisible Curves”, it’s because the piece is called “Indivisible.”

When I get my other photos sorted, I’ll post about some of this year’s other sculptures. You can see my other related posts from previous years here.



Random Fridays: I’m glad they’re small!

These blue crabs look pretty scary, but they’re only about the size of the end of my finger. I didn’t even spot them initially while walking along mud flats at Ettalong at low tide — it was the plop-plop-plop of millions of tiny feet that caught my attention. The more I looked, the more I was astonished. There were hundreds of thousands of these things! For those of you of a scientific bent, they are Mictyris longicarpus (light-blue soldier crab) I think.

As the heading says, I’m glad they are small. And not looking for a fight!

The next two shots give an idea of the numbers. Prolific? Oh yes!



Random Fridays: Digging at the beach

Young boy absorbed in his task.

Children have a single-minded absorption in a task that we adults have lost. This little chap in his bright red shirt was determined to dig, no matter what went on around him. The first photo I took of him, just seconds before this one, had a girl running past so close that the sand flew, but he didn’t even look up.



Christmas Day at Bondi Beach

Golden sand, azure seas and blue sky: this is what it's all about.

Golden sand, azure seas and blue sky: this is what it’s all about.

For many Sydneysiders (and tourists), Christmas Day means a visit to the beach. And what better stretch of sand than Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach? I lived here during my first residence in Sydney (1999 to 2004), and now I’ve finally been able to move back. 🙂

On Christmas Day, festive headgear is part of the dress code.

Even the police get into the spirit of the season.

Not a snowflake in sight, but the trappings of a Northern Hemisphere Christmas are unavoidable.

The Red Baron dropped in for a visit, too.

There’s no escaping the crowd, however.

This is NOT my idea of fun!

This is NOT my idea of fun!

Even the waves were full of people.

Crowded waters

Crowded waters

The sweep of the beach seen from the north end.

Remember I said I moved back? My building is the white one at the far left of this photo.

Remember I said I moved back? My building is the white one at the far left of this photo.

So now you know what Christmas Day at Bondi Beach is like!

Bondi mural

Bondi mural


The Hand Slap Game

Hand Slap on the beach, Fiji

Hand Slap on the beach, Fiji

I took this photo on my recent Fiji sailing holiday. We had visited the remote village of Daliconi on the island of Vanua Baluva, and were sitting around on the beach waiting for the boats to take us back to the ship. One of my shipmates introduced some of the children to the Hand Slap Game (also apparently known as red hands, slapsies, slap jack, red tomato or slaps). I wanted to capture the contrasts in their hands — large and small, white and brown, be-ringed and plain, clean and sandy.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Hands

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