Blue bubbly

Would you drink this?

I’m closing off my blue squares with some blue bubbly, topped with some blueberries.

And if you’re wondering whether I actually drank this … well, my fingers were stained blue, the dye (approved and ‘safe’ food dye from the supermarket) had a clingy texture that reminded me of balls of mercury, and you saw what it did in the glass of water. So, no. Though I did eat the blueberries. 🙂

The theme for July Squares is Blue. As ever, thanks are due to our tireless host Becky for organising these squares.


Swirling blue

This was actually a practice for tomorrow’s final blue post, a test to see how much dye I would need to achieve the look I wanted. But these unexpected swirls and pools and eddies as the blue dye settled into the water were so intriguing that I felt they deserved their own post.

The theme for July Squares is Blue


Piccadilly Line blues

Indicator board at Earl’s Court station, London

I always liked these old-fashioned indicator boards, a relic from the past in our shiny digital age. This one is at Earl’s Court station, but I imagine they hang on in other stations of the London Underground.

I used to get quite ‘blue’ (by which I mean frustrated and peeved!) on the Piccadilly Line trains when I lived in London, but now it’s Sydney trains that receive my ire. And as every Londoner knows, the Piccadilly Line is the blue one! Rather misleadingly, the indicator board above is the same blue as the Piccadilly Line, but those stops are on the District Line, which is green. Confused yet?

Small but relevant section of London’s tube map. Earl’s Court station has been marked with a red box.

The theme for July Squares is Blue


Boat blues

Fishing boats, Kochi, India

Blue seems a popular colour to paint a boat. The feature photo (no caption) is a canal boat on the River Thames, between Cookham and Marlow. (Sorry Becky but I just couldn’t get a square out of that photo!)

Souvenir sellers on the Nile River, Egypt

Not the boats painted blue below, but the covers. I’ve never seen these boats in the water, by the way.

Boats at North Bondi, Sydney

The theme for July Squares is Blue