Giddy-up! It’s a hold-up!

Giddy-up horse, we got us a train to rob!

When I took the train to the Grand Canyon, a group of ruthless masked bandits armed with pistols staged a hold-up.

It’s a hold-up!

Squares are back, and the theme is Up. I’ve gone with “playing around with the word up” — and I’ve managed to get four in my first post: giddy-up, hold-up, quadruped, stirrup. I don’t think I’ll reach such giddy heights of up-ness again!

June Roof: Looking down on skyscrapers

Manhattan rooftops

There are so many roofs here it’s hard to make sense of them. None, it should be said, is particularly attractive! The flat roofs of modern city buildings aren’t exactly eye catching. This shot was taken from the “top of the rock”, the 70th floor (850 ft/230 m up) of the Rockerfeller building in Manhattan, New York City.

June Squares: Roof If you have a photo (or two!) of a roof, join in!



Waiting for the train

Lamy station, New Mexico.

Lamy station, New Mexico. Not a lot to do.

I spent a few hours at Lamy train station, waiting for the westbound Southwest Chief to take me from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Williams, Arizona (for the Grand Canyon). It was hot. It was dusty. It was endless.

Every now and then, the station master would add a new figure to the ETA post-it note.

Delay after delay after delay.

Lamy station Indicator board.

Lamy station Indicator board. About as low tech as it gets.

Peering down the rails. Still nothing. Still waiting.

Still no train.