The Pinnacles at sunset

The Pinnacles Desert, Western Australia

The Pinnacles Desert is 190km (120miles) north of Perth in Western Australia. The pinnacles themselves are ancient limestone pillars. At sunset, some of the taller ones form jagged shapes on the horizon.


Summer Splash

fountain south bank centre London

This fountain is called Appearing Rooms and first popped up at the South Bank Centre in London in 2007 (this photo is from August 2018). The “walls” jet up and fall back with no apparent rhythm. If you’re brave (or willing to be soaked) you can make a dash for it. The people in this photo look content to stay in one place! On a hot day and with a change of clothes, it looks like great fun.


Beyond the End of Time

Okay, so you know I said that my previous post was called the End of Time because I had no more time-themed photos? I came across this clock after I said that, and couldn’t resist sharing it. (I also found a floral clock in Perth’s botanic garden, but it’s so unspectacular it didn’t seem worth posting.)

This clock might not look too out of place on an English high street. On a shoppping street in Perth, Western Australia, it is wildly incongruous! On the hour, the jousters above the clock come to life and run at each other on tracks. The clock is part of the faux-Tudor facade of something called London Court, a shopping arcade built in 1937. “Tacky” is the only word I can think of to describe it. The motto beneath the clock (in the feature photo) reads “No minute gone comes ever came again, Take heed and see ye nothing do in vain.”

December Squares #timesquare

The End of Time

The rather grand facade of the Fremantle train station (complete with swans!) could lead one to think the station is much more important than it is. But the time on the clock is correct, which is all that counts for the traveller scurrying to catch a train.

I doubt I’ll find another time themed photo for this challenge, so this post is indeed the end of “Time” … for me! Thanks again to Becky for hosting. 🙂

December Squares #timesquare


Serving time

The “Hougoumont” was the last ship to bring convicts to Fremantle, Western Australia. Among its voyages was that in 1867 bringing 62 Irish political prisoners (Fenians). Hougomont is also the name of the hotel I’m staying at in Fremantle, and on a wall in the lobby it lists all 62 men, the court where they were tried and the crimes of which they were convicted, and how much time they would have to serve in this dry, barren, isolated outpost of England. Few would ever have returned home.

larger version

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