Trinity House Weathervane

This nautical golden weathervane perches atop Trinity House in London, near the Tower of London. Trinity House, granted a Royal Charter by Henry VIII in 1514, is the General Lighthouse Authority for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar; a charitable organisation dedicated to the safety, welfare and training of mariners; and a Deep Sea Pilotage Authority. They also have a blog on WordPress, which is where I got that information.

And if you’re puzzled by the name “Trinity House” (I was), that’s due to their name on the charter: “The Master, Wardens, and Assistants of the Guild, Fraternity, or Brotherhood of the most glorious and undivided Trinity, and of St. Clement in the Parish of Deptford-Strond in the County of Kent.” You don’t get organisation names like that anymore!

Posted as part of Weathervane Wednesday — and tagged with #500posts because according to WordPress this is my 500th post on Pics by Kaz. That’s kind of scary!

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