Bath Time

Bath Ritual, St Pancras Hotel, London

Bath Ritual, St Pancras Hotel, London

Yes, we are still spending time at the St Pancras — hotel not train station for this post. This is the “bath ritual”, in which the “bath butler” comes to your room* and draws a bubble bath (it’s a bit hard to see the bubbles, look at the lower left).

I can’t honestly recommend it: the purpose of the three bowls of assorted goop was not explained, so I was left to guess at what they were meant to do and where I was meant to apply them and in what order. I don’t like candy so the “sweet treats” were put aside. The two (!) glasses of prosecco arrived with the bath butler, so were room temperature and flat by the time I got into the bath. (Never fear, I had my own chilled supply of champagne to fall back on.)

*only available if you are staying in a Chambers suite

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