Random Fridays: I’m glad they’re small!

These blue crabs look pretty scary, but they’re only about the size of the end of my finger. I didn’t even spot them initially while walking along mud flats at Ettalong at low tide — it was the plop-plop-plop of millions of tiny feet that caught my attention. The more I looked, the more I was astonished. There were hundreds of thousands of these things! For those of you of a scientific bent, they are Mictyris longicarpus (light-blue soldier crab) I think.

As the heading says, I’m glad they are small. And not looking for a fight!

The next two shots give an idea of the numbers:



Random Fridays: Digging at the beach

Young boy absorbed in his task.

Children have a single-minded absorption in a task that we adults have lost. This little chap in his bright red shirt was determined to dig, no matter what went on around him. The first photo I took of him, just seconds before this one, had a girl running past so close that the sand flew, but he didn’t even look up.



The Hand Slap Game

Hand Slap on the beach, Fiji

Hand Slap on the beach, Fiji

I took this photo on my recent Fiji sailing holiday. We had visited the remote village of Daliconi on the island of Vanua Baluva, and were sitting around on the beach waiting for the boats to take us back to the ship. One of my shipmates introduced some of the children to the Hand Slap Game (also apparently known as red hands, slapsies, slap jack, red tomato or slaps). I wanted to capture the contrasts in their hands — large and small, white and brown, be-ringed and plain, clean and sandy.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Hands

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The Changing Seasons – Sydney: February

Here is February's cruise ship. Compare this beautiful blue sky with the imminent storm over January's ship.

Here is February’s cruise ship. Compare this beautiful blue sky with the threatening storm that hovered over January’s ship.

The season of summer continues in Sydney. After the storms and humidity of January, February has been generally delightful: clear blue skies, normal humidity and lots of warm but not scorching days. Today is different — although the sky is a flawless, cloudless blue, the temperature is climbing to a forecast 39C (that’s 102F). As you can imagine, the beaches will be mobbed even though it’s a Thursday!

Hot summer day at Brighton Beach

Hot summer day at Brighton Beach a couple of weeks ago. This wide sandy reach runs along the western edge of Botany Bay.

This February brought the beginning of the Year of the Monkey, and Sydney (as usual) threw a party. You can see my other Chinese New Year photos here.

Chinese New Year flags and lanterns, Martin Place

Chinese New Year flags and lanterns, Martin Place

In the run-up to the The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival, ANZ Bank gets into the spirit and converts some of its ATMs to GAYTMs.

Dance flash mob!

I was walking down Martin Place to the train station to go home on Monday, when suddenly music started thumping and apparent passersby began to dance.

Dance flash mob, Martin Place

All together now, big finish! Not sure about the guy in the red shirt, though.

If you can remember the opening sequence of the film “Footloose”, you’ll know why I took these two photos. Well I had to, really, because that song was playing!

Season Markers

These two locations will appear regularly in my monthly posts. As I said in my January post, it’s hard to tell what season it is in Sydney because there are no dramatic changes such as snow and ice. However, these plane trees in Martin Place do lose their leaves, and as I intend to take this shot around 5:30pm each month you’ll see it get darker and darker, and then light again as spring and summer creep up. And while I don’t think any trees in the photo of Sandringham Garden in Hyde Park lose their leaves, the wisteria certainly does, and the flower displays change with the seasons.

Martin Place, 5:30pm

Martin Place, 5:30pm

Sandringham Garden, Hyde Park, 1pm

Sandringham Garden, Hyde Park, 1pm