Blue in the face

Stephen Marr ‘Under One Sky’ | Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, 2017

The theme for July Squares is Blue

June Roof: Closer to home

Bondi rooftops

“Closer to home” indeed! These are the roofs of houses beside my apartment building, shot from my window. These clunky chunky roof tiles are very Australian, or at least very Sydney. I often wonder what those two small peaked structures on the nearest roof are, and how one become damaged — and why it was never repaired.

June Squares: Roof If you have a photo (or two!) of a roof, join in!


Bondi Beach sunrise 2

Not the most encouraging start to the sunrise. Maybe I should have stayed in bed?

As with my previous (my first!) Bondi sunrise post in December, I woke up early today and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I figured I may as well capture the sunrise. The first sight was rather ominous, with all that heavy cloud.

The hundreds of fitness fanatics were not ominous, but they were unexpected.

It’s dark, it’s 5:59am, and they’re running. I don’t get it.

The lifeguards’ day starts early. The sun rises an hour later now (about 6:30am) than in December, but they were already busy setting up.

The lifeguards are setting out their rescue boards and the current warning signs. Still dark.

Cameras at the ready!

Papparazzi gather for the event.

The big event!

Ta da! Here it comes!

Needs a drumroll or a flourish of trumpets.

I had no idea so many people communed with the sea at this ungodly hour.

I never did figure out what this group was doing.

Greet the day in a group.

Tomorrow, I’ll definitely try to sleep through the sunrise.

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