A modest and understated engagement ring.

The woman pouring this champagne has clearly gone through a trothplight ritual (plighted her troth??). I took this photo during a ritual of a different sort — a champagne tasting on Queen Mary 2.

Posted as part of January Squares, the theme for which is words ending in light.


Blue bubbly

Would you drink this?

I’m closing off my blue squares with some blue bubbly, topped with some blueberries.

And if you’re wondering whether I actually drank this … well, my fingers were stained blue, the dye (approved and ‘safe’ food dye from the supermarket) had a clingy texture that reminded me of balls of mercury, and you saw what it did in the glass of water. So, no. Though I did eat the blueberries. 🙂

The theme for July Squares is Blue. As ever, thanks are due to our tireless host Becky for organising these squares.