Choose a colour. Any colour.

Well, that’s what Jude said! “This week’s assignment – Choose a colour. Any colour, it could be your favourite one.” Orange is definitely not my favourite colour (that’d be blue) but Jude’s assignment this week is to “Allow only variations of the colour within your photograph.” I’ve gone for orange because I have a cheerful bouquet of poppies on my table right now, largely orange, and I thought they’d make a nice photo. Then the hunt was on for other orange photos! The bristles I also photographed today, but the rest are archives.

2020 Photo Challenge #33: variations of a colour


Colour (Color) Coded

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Week 11 – Color Code
When I came across Cee’s challenge, I thought “aha, I’ll do a selection of photos of each colour in the spectrum!” Well. That little brainstorm took a lot longer than I expected and at times I didn’t feel particularly joyful. I’m still not convinced I’ve got my head around indigo vs violet! But I quite like the results.

Here we go: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. (If you’re viewing on a computer, hover your mouse and you’ll see a small caption about each photo.)