Travel Memories 5: Coober Pedy

Hole in one, maybe?

Hands up if you have actually heard of Coober Pedy. I certainly had not until I’d lived in Australia for a while. However, if you’re an opal lover, you probably are familiar with this small mining town in the outback. Due to the searing summer heat, many people live in underground houses carved from the rock; there are even underground churches.

However, it was the golf club that really caught my attention. There’s no grass whatsoever, but there is carefully raked sand and gravel. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Forgot your clubs? No problem, you can rent some.

Travel Memories: a single photo from a trip — one that always makes me smile, or reflect, or want to go back.

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Rough | Smooth

Smooth hard hat and rough rock — Coober Pedy opal mine visited from The Ghan train.

Here’s a selection of photos that contrast rough and smooth textures for Jude’s 2020 Challenge.

Samples of rock, rough on the right and polished smooth on the left — Grand Canyon.

Smooth violin (fiddle) and rough seat fabric — Grand Canyon train.

Smooth glass beads and rough sequins — New Orleans Lafeyette Cemetery.

Rough mooring lines and smooth metal winch — tall ship Tenacious.


Look waaay up …

This is a shaft in one of the old opal mines in Coober Pedy, South Australia. I don’t know what it’s original purpose was — access, light, air? — but it makes an unusual skylight! I think the piece of corrugated metal (purpose also unknown!) looks like a giant set of eyelashes. 😉

Posted as part of January Squares, the theme for which is words ending in light.