Dancing at sea

The rhythm of rope pulling (Lord Nelson, Pacific Ocean)

The rhythm of rope pulling (‘Lord Nelson’, Pacific Ocean)

When you’re sailing on a tall ship, it can sometimes be a “dance” just to stay upright! In the photo above, you can see how everyone hauling on that rope is moving in rhythm (apart from the chatting couple at the top of the photo, who appear to be sitting out this particular dance). We even have a special rope-hauling chant to keep us synchronised:”Two-Six-HEAVE!”

On one transatlantic voyage, we had an accomplished bagpiper among the crew. So one day, near 36.07N, 47.21W (between Bermuda and the Azores), there was Scottish dancing at the mainmast! In this shot, the couples are rehearsing the steps without music.

Dancing a reel (Tenacious, Atlantic Ocean)

Dancing a reel (‘Tenacious’, Atlantic Ocean)